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APO research on science, technology, and innovation policies

6 Dec 2017

A coordination meeting in Vientiane initiated a project to support more informed policymaking by member countries.

Scientific advances, technological changes, and innovative value creation are important drivers of productivity and economic growth. Effective science, technology, and innovation (STI) systems can absorb technical know-how, strengthen scientific capabilities, improve firm innovation, and lead to sustainable growth. However, STI policies (STIPs) must be well designed to contribute their full economic potential.

To determine the key trends impacting these factors in member economies and review collaborative linkages among STI actors and recent developments in STIPs, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) held a three-day coordination committee meeting in Vientiane, Lao PDR, 21–23 November 2017. The meeting was the start of an APO research project to support more informed policymaking by its member countries.


The one-year research will examine the latest trends impacting STI and future of STI systems in member countries. It will also involve cross-country comparative analyses of STIP priorities, assessment of the effectiveness of instruments used to monitor STI performance, and review of key strengths and weaknesses of STI systems. After agreement on the research format, methodogy, and coverage at the Vientiane meeting, the final report will present future STI scenarios, provide policy insights for efficient interventions to strengthen national economies, and make recommendations to encourage stronger linkages among STI players.

The coordination meeting was inaugurated by Department of SME Promotion Deputy Director General Dr. Keomorakhoth Sidlakone of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Lao PDR. Subsequent discussions were led by the APO chief expert from Japan, Prof. Atsushi Sunami of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo. National experts attending were Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research Associate Research Fellow Dr. Chih-Yen Tai, ROC; Transdisciplinary Research Cluster on Sustainability Studies Member and Former Principal Coordinator Prof. Pranav N. Desai, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; and Department of Management Researcher and Policy Analyst Dr. Avanti Fontana, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia.

The meeting was also attended by Technology Transfer Promotion Center Director Manothong Vonglokham, Department of Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Lao PDR; Pakistan National Productivity Organization General Manager Dr. Jamshed Khan; Sri Lankan Ministry of Science, Technology and Research Assistant Director H.G. Jayasamara; Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor Dr. Chavalit Ratanatamskul, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand; and Vietnam Centre for Science and Technology Evaluation Researcher Dr. Pham Xuan Thao, Ministry of Science and Technology.


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