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APO Secretary-General visits New Center of Excellence on Climate-smart Agriculture in Japan

11 Jul 2023

NARO President Dr. Kazuo Kyuma (L) and APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra (5th L) exchanging views in the NARO office.

In firming up the activities of the APO Center of Excellence (COE) on Climate-smart Agriculture (CSA), APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata and representatives from the Secretariat paid a visit to the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) in Tsukuba, Japan, on 4 July. NARO was designated as the APO COE on CSA on 10 March to increase productivity in agriculture and disseminate CSA-related research and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra (2nd R) and Secretariat representatives touring NARO facilities.

The visit featured a tour of the Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall, which showcases the history of agriculture and the development of innovative agricultural and food technologies in Japan.

Onsite demonstration by the Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) and Institute of Agricultural Machinery (IAM).

Managers and senior scientists from the Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) showcased the cutting-edge agricultural technologies and innovative farming practices developed by NARO. The APO delegation visited paddy fields, where they observed sustainable agricultural practices. Additionally, a visit to the GHG emission control facility demonstrated NARO’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. Explanations of the 1-km mesh agricultural weather data system, web-based soil carbon sequestration visualization tool, and soil inventory provided solid ground for firming up the activities planned by the APO COE on CSA in 2023 and 2024.

The Institute of Agricultural Machinery (IAM) also introduced its research activities on a data linkage platform for agricultural machinery. APO representatives and the institute exchanged ideas on integrating advanced technologies and data analytics to boost agricultural productivity. The comprehensive presentation of ongoing research showed potential for further collaboration on this topic.

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra (L) and NARO President Dr. Kazuo Kyuma (R).

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra paid a courtesy call on NARO President Dr. Kazuo Kyuma, when the discussions focused on the importance of CSA and its role in addressing climate-induced challenges in the agriculture sector. They shared similar perspectives on the need to disseminate R&D accomplishments by the COE on CSA and exchanged views on how to integrate government and private-sector efforts in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

Secretary-General Dr. Indra conveyed his appreciation to President Dr. Kyuma and the entire NARO team for their warm welcome and emphasized the importance of strengthening the partnership between the APO and NARO. He expressed the APO’s commitment to supporting the activities of the COE on CSA to promote sustainable agricultural practices and environmental preservation in the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information on the APO COE on CSA, visit https://www.apo-tokyo.org/centers-of-excellence/.

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