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APO strengthens predictive analytic capabilities

6 Jun 2018

Workshop held to assist JPC and APO Secretariat enhance capabilities to handle multidimensional data analysis.

To introduce the principles of data analysis and management, including visualization for decision-making purposes, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) organized the Data Skills Program: Fundamental workshop in Tokyo, 30 May–1 June 2018. The three-day workshop conducted by Singapore-based Future Moves Group Assistant Principal Dr. Li Bo and Associate Silvia Sim aimed at enhancing capacity of the Japan Productivity Center (JPC) and APO Secretariat to perform predictive data analysis.


The APO Secretariat is embracing change and infusing a forward-looking perspective into efforts to increase productivity and enhance competitiveness in member countries. The IT Revolution, which has altered everyday life and work in previously unimaginable ways, has transformed digital data and information into a new asset. Although vast amounts of data and information are accessible through technological devices, the distribution of skills related to their analysis and management remains somewhat skewed. It is therefore necessary to upgrade data analysis abilities for more informed decision making.

The APO Secretariat is no exception and is working to develop the capacity to deal with large amounts of multidimensional data, particularly to add value to the ways in which services are provided to member countries.

In opening remarks at the workshop, attended by JPC and Secretariat staff, APO Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn pointed out that the ability to see hidden patterns in large amounts of data generated via machines and devices was “a must-have skill in this digital era.” He added that in planning and developing its programs, the APO Secretariat was relying on the big data-based artificial intelligence software application Shaping Tomorrow to scan the external environment as the initial step in identifying strategic opportunities under the APO Transformative Strategic Planning model.

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