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APO trains productivity specialists for the next era

23 Mar 2022

As a regional catalyst, the APO builds the capacity of NPOs and other stakeholders to improve productivity in its members. The Development of Productivity Specialists is a flagship program to enhance the capability of National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) by inculcating knowledge and building skills among their professional staff. The certification of participants who attended this course was previously conducted by the APO Secretariat, but the Accreditation Program started in 2018 elevated that role to developing and accrediting NPOs to become productivity specialist certification bodies (CBs). Toward the end of 2021, the NPOs of Malaysia and Vietnam became the first APO-accredited CBs. Other NPOs expected to be accredited in 2022 include: the National Productivity Council, India; NPO of IR Iran; Mongolian Productivity Organization; National Productivity Organization, Pakistan; and Turkish Management Sciences Institute of Turkey (TUSSIDE), a partner of the NPO of Turkey.

The APO Secretariat in collaboration with the Malaysia Productivity Corporation organized the Development of APO-certified Productivity Specialists, 7–11 March. The course introduced the latest techniques to improve efficiency, explained the standards and requirements for APO-certified Productivity Specialists based on APO-PS 101 Requirements for Productivity Specialists, discussed theoretical and practical knowledge of productivity improvement strategies at firm and organizational levels, and prepared participants to demonstrate their competencies to act as productivity consultants, trainers, promoters, and researchers. Fifty-three individuals from 15 APO members, including 12 from Malaysia, attended, representing professional staff of NPOs, academics, and public- and private-sector organizations. The sessions were conducted by resource persons from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

This course serves as a prerequisite for participants to qualify for certification as productivity specialists. The participants will be guided in completing the certification requirements, enabling them to submit applications to APO-accredited CBs.

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