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APO workshop focuses on public-sector leadership framework

30 Nov 2016

In its effort to expose public sector practitioners in the member economies to productivity concept, tools and techniques the APO recently organized a Workshop on Developing the APO Public-sector Leadership Framework in Manila, Philippines. The program was collaboratively implemented with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) and the Philippines NPO (National Productivity Organization).


The APO’s Public-sector Productivity Program Framework, designed in 2012 under one of its strategic directions, emphasizes enhancing productivity in the sector through leadership channels and shows how specific competencies can help leaders navigate the changing environment. The workshop in Manila aimed at developing a framework covering leadership development milestones within a specific time frame and involving every organizational level based on specific demands and the nature of tasks performed.

The development of the APO Public-sector Leadership Framework also aims to scrutinize the role of leadership in productivity enhancement in public-sector organizations. The broad objective of the workshop was to identify key leadership capabilities and skills needed to direct an innovative, efficient public-sector organization.

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