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APO workshop trains food value chain experts in Vietnam

14 Dec 2016

The APO is conducting a national conference and workshop on Promoting Public–private-sector Partnerships (PPPs) in Enhancing Food Value Chains in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 12–15 December 2016. The special country-specific APO project is supported by the Vietnam National Productivity Institute and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry under a special cash grant from the Government of Japan.


The main objectives of the conference and workshop are to provide a platform for productivity practitioners in Vietnam to deliberate on how to promote PPPs for enhancing food value chains and to share successful models of PPPs for promoting food safety and quality and enhancing the competitiveness of food industry SMEs in the country.

The four-day project is divided into two parts: a one-day conference on promoting PPPs in enhancing food value chains on 12 December; and a three-day national workshop on Enhancing the Capability of Food Supply Chains through Applying Management and Technology Innovations commencing on 13 December 2016.

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