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Boosting productivity in the digital workplace

11 Mar 2022

According to the World Economic Forum’s the Global Risks Report 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to a digital-first world, making businesses rethink their operations. One key to business success post-COVID-19 is embracing the digital culture. Despite the adoption of new workstyles and accelerated digital transformation, some organizations are struggling to adjust, which can be damaging to productivity. A key task for organizations in a post-COVID-19 world is to maintain new workstyles without decreasing worker productivity. New communication and collaboration technologies are transforming the way employees interact in enterprises, opening doors to smarter, more productive work. Technology acts as a great enabler in improving workplace culture and engagement.

To help participants from member economies understand the links among culture, new technologies, and digital workplaces, the APO organized a virtual workshop on Enhancing Employee Productivity in the Digital Workplace, 23–25 February. It covered major changes in the workplace in the digital era, the digital workplace toolbox, data-driven management, human-centric management in the digital era, and nurturing a digital culture. Breakout sessions and open group discussions were included.

Fifty-six participants from 15 APO members attended the workshop. Three resource persons, two from Japan and one from the ROK, gave presentations and guided discussions.

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