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Building Community-based Social Resilience

13 Oct 2021

Productivity Talk on 19 October 2021

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on Building Community-based Social Resilience on 19 October 2021

This P-Talk discusses how social resilience can create productive, sustainable societies. In addition to sharing cases on local communities’ responses to environmental and resource crises, the talk also focuses on the concept of critical natural capital (CNC) and its relation to governance to mitigate the effects of land degradation, global warming, drought, COVID-19, etc. Inclusive social resilience is not only about adapting to adverse situations but also about contributing individual skills to make societies and communities harmonious and inclusive. Grass-roots or primary CNC includes soil, compost, water, seeds, etc., that are essential to maintaining the livelihoods of local communities, effectively connecting people and nature. In this talk, Dr. Kazuki shares successful cases of community-based social resilience practices in Japan.

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