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Building sustainable agriculture through community-driven farm schools

5 Jul 2024

A training course on Building Community-driven Farm Schools (CDFS), held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 10–14 June, brought together 30 participants from 17 APO members. Five resource persons, one from India, the Philippines, and Thailand, and two from Indonesia, covered key concepts and frameworks of CDFS, roles of government support policies, and practical training modules. Participants gained hands-on experience and discussed methods to disseminate successful CDFS models across APO member economies. Participants visited three communities to learn about best practices: Joglo Tani; Pawon Gendhis; and Kampung Mina Padi Samberembe. Through the site visits, participants recognized the importance of a strong community philosophy with unique farm and product concepts to strengthen community identity, bonds, and business platforms, which are critical foundations of CDFS.

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