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Cambodian delegates explore system-based startup incubation during IOSM to Mongolia

5 Jul 2024

Eight delegates from Cambodia, representing government, educational institutions, and the private sector, attended an Individual Observational Study Mission (IOSM) on Enhancing Startup Ecosystems: Incubation Program Strategies in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 27–31 May. The mission emphasized the critical success factors underpinning effective incubation programs in Mongolia and provided insights into the impact of startup ecosystems and principles of system-based incubation for startups.

Resource persons with extensive experience in coaching and monitoring early-stage startups presented key methodologies and tools utilized in startup incubation programs, highlighting essential success factors. The hands-on sessions covered a wide range of topics related to startups and their ecosystems, offering practical knowledge and actionable strategies.

During visits to public and private incubation centers, delegates were introduced to the startup ecosystem map of Mongolia, long-term development policy of Mongolia-Vision 2050, and relevant laws and initiatives supporting the startup ecosystem. Delegates expressed strong support for the MOU signed between the General Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Cambodia and SOCRATUS, recognizing its significance for future collaboration and development. The MOU is expected to play a crucial role in promoting innovation, research, and knowledge sharing between Cambodia and Mongolia, thereby enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of startups in both countries.

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