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COE on IT for Industry 4.0 trains trainers in AI and digital transformation

8 Feb 2024

The Center of Excellence (COE) on IT for Industry 4.0, hosted by the NPC, India, assists industries in APO members to thrive in the global digital economy. It recently held a Consultation Program and Training-of-Trainers on AI Tools and Technologies for SMEs for Responsible Digital Transformation, 8–19 January.

The course equipped NPC officers with essential skills to become proficient trainers in Industry 4.0, AI, and other advanced technologies. These capabilities are crucial for successful adoption and integration into the smart manufacturing sector. Sixty-five NPC and regional branch staff attended the course led by two resource persons from India and the UK. The sessions covered AI learning platforms, generative AI tools for digital transformation in manufacturing, and the vital role of people, culture, and knowledge networks in AI adoption. In an era when AI and large language models (LLMs) are central to the knowledge revolution, this initiative not only addressed the immediate needs of APO members but also readied them for the future of work.

The NPC proposed several follow-up projects, including SME assessments, the creation of training toolkits, pilot programs, and international conferences, all aimed at fortifying the capabilities of APO members in the ever-evolving AI landscape. The development of an AI framework and a facilitator’s guide is in the pipeline to provide additional support to APO members, particularly benefiting SMEs and fostering economic growth. These recommendations are both timely and necessary to cater to the evolving needs of APO members in an increasingly AI-driven world.


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