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CPC conducts postpandemic retail service training

5 Oct 2023

To improve productivity and enhance skills and techniques for increased service quality and productivity in the retail sector, the China Productivity Center (CPC) organized a face-to-face training course on Service Quality Management in Retail, 4–8 September in Taipei. It was attended by 23 participants from 15 APO member economies, including senior managers of industrial associations, consultants from NPOs, and experts from the retail and service sectors. Facilitated by three resource persons from the ROC, Japan, and Malaysia, the course examined topics ranging from customer relationship management and e-commerce strategies to international marketing techniques and customer satisfaction methodologies.

Acknowledging the importance of customer satisfaction and experience in the retail industry, the course presented tools to navigate the changing landscape post-COVID-19. Retailers continue to grapple with challenges such as fluctuating demand due to economic uncertainties, persistent health and safety concerns, and the need for investments in digital technologies to stay competitive. They must adapt to shifting consumer preferences for e-commerce and online platforms. The training course was designed to give retailers the knowledge to leverage technology effectively, including insights on aligning businesses with evolving online purchasing trends and remote services as well as fostering new partnerships and collaboration strategies.

Course participants exchanged practical experiences in attempts to enhance productivity, particularly among SMEs, encompassing customer service norms and innovative practices within the retail sector. By embracing and adapting such initiatives to local contexts, APO members can strengthen their retail sectors, ensuring resilience and responsiveness to the ever-changing demands of contemporary consumer markets. Participants had the opportunity to visit Grape King Bio and Carrefour Neihu Store, gaining valuable real-world insights on retail innovations.

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