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CPC hosts 12-Day GP course for trainers and consultants

25 Jun 2019

Creating a pool of GP specialists contributes to sustainability in development efforts.

To raise awareness of the need for sustainability and spread Green Productivity (GP) practices and strategies, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) joined forces with the China Productivity Center (CPC) to organize a Training of Trainers and Consultants in Green Productivity in Taipei, 10–21 June 2019.

The 12-day course was designed to equip trainers and consultants from APO member countries with GP concepts, tools, and techniques as well as an understanding of the latest trends in ensuring sustainable development. Attempts to disseminate and deepen GP practices contribute to sustainable productivity growth in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to coaching on GP and consultancy skills, the intensive program also discussed the circular economy, decreasing carbon footprints, and corporate social responsibility and provided hands-on, in-company training to make the learning experience more comprehensive. The training also aimed to develop APO-certified GP specialists who can support others in the APO membership in their national sustainable development efforts.

The course was inaugurated by Industrial Development Bureau Deputy Director-General Po-Keng Yang and attended by 21 participants from 13 APO member economies. The participants were warmly welcomed by CPC Office of the Director for the ROC Director Eugene Lin and APO Program Officer Ta-Te Yang. The training was conducted by Teian Consulting Director and Principal Consultant Kelvin Chan from Singapore, EcoLean Consultancy Senior Consultant Alex Yap from Malaysia, and Industrial Technology Research Institute Senior Engineer Vincent Huang from the ROC, supported by Ernst and Young CPA Roger Tseng and National Taiwan Normal University Environmental Education Director Professor Shin-Cheng Yeh. The participants conducted in-plant assessments and consultancy exercises in Hop Lion Feather Works Corporation and Chenfull International Co. Ltd.

The GP concept was developed by the APO and has been promoted for almost two decades as a strategy that leads to gains in profitability through improvements in productivity and environmental performance. Various programs have been implemented to assist member countries in implementing GP, including demonstration projects, the Eco-products International Fairs, conferences, and training courses. In 2013, the APO Center of Excellence on GP was established within the CPC to promote and facilitate GP practices in the APO community.

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