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CPC organizes BCN project on green growth for India

8 Feb 2024

The China Productivity Center (CPC) organized an In-country Bilateral Cooperation between NPOs (BCN) project on Best Practices and New Initiatives on Productivity and Green Growth from India, 25‒27 October 2023 in Taipei. The initiative facilitated bilateral meetings between the CPC and four representatives from India, enabling the delegates to gain insights into best practices, initiatives, policies, and key issues related to productivity and green growth.

Green growth aims for economic progress that does not harm the environment. It acknowledges the significance of sustained economic growth but emphasizes the need to avoid resource depletion and environmental harm. This approach relies on sustainable practices, efficient resource utilization, and the use of renewable energy sources. Green growth envisions a future where the economy grows without hurting the environment; equitable access to resources is ensured; a healthy environment encompasses clean air, water, and land; and biodiverse ecosystems are restored.

The BCN sessions included site visits hosted by Delta Electronics, Inc, the Industrial Development Administration (Ministry of Economic Affairs), 7th India and Taiwan Industries Collaboration Summit and Smart Green Technology Forum; Techman Robot; and Industrial Technology Research Institute. The project provided Indian delegates with innovative, creative insights on green growth practices, addressing key policies and strategies for achieving both productivity growth and environmental sustainability.

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