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Digital transformation: A common agenda for the public sector during the pandemic

29 Jul 2022

Smart transformation of the public sector supported by robust innovation ecosystems in member governments is a key element of APO Vision 2025. Digital transformation has become a common goal of many governments, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The public sector is undergoing rapid digital transformation to improve engagement with citizens, deliver better public services, cut costs, and help deal with challenges posed by the pandemic.

The importance of digital technologies in building economic and social resilience through strategic, agile, innovative approaches in the public sector has become obvious. Digital transformation of the public sector requires continuous improvement and integration of new technologies, allowing improved operations and services by replacing outdated systems and manual processes.

The Development Academy of the Philippines in collaboration with the APO Secretariat organized a workshop on Digital Transformation for the Public Sector, 13–15 July. The workshop was attended by 41 participants from public-sector organizations in 11 APO members. The sessions were conducted by resource persons from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Philippines, and UK. The workshop provided a unique learning opportunity by explaining digital government transformations in the EU over the past 20 years as well as analyzing APO members’ experiences.

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