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Digital transformation to empower NPOs

8 Feb 2024

The APO Strategic Digital Capability (SDC) Plan 2021–25 focuses on bolstering the digital capabilities of the Secretariat to enhance its operations and services to members. A pivotal component is the development of a unified platform that seamlessly integrates functions for National Productivity Organizations (NPOs), project participants, and resource persons. This will increase operational efficiency and reduce redundancies, aligned with the APO Vision 2025 strategic thrust of achieving operational and institutional excellence.

To facilitate the use of this platform by stakeholders, the APO Secretariat designed an online training course on Capacity Building of NPOs in New Digital Systems to equip them with the knowledge and proficiency required to navigate the system. Thirty-nine participants and 12 observers from 20 APO members, representing APO Liaison Officers, NPO Senior Officers, IT personnels, and staff involved in coordination with the APO Secretariat, attended the course held 16–19 January. It focused on understanding and operation of the customer relationship management and information management systems.

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata emphasized the commitment to continuous digital transformation, enabling the adoption of innovative IT systems to maintain a competitive, efficient work environment. The training sessions, led by two resource persons from Japan, provided NPOs with hands-on experience and the opportunity to pilot test the new digital systems. The digitalization of participant and resource person management processes is expected to streamline operations and enhance efficiency by reducing reliance on multiple platforms. The APO will continue to work closely with NPOs to ensure a smooth transition and gather feedback for further system improvements, with the possibility of future face-to-face training sessions.

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