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East Java Deputy Governor explores productivity enhancement strategies at APO Secretariat

28 Aug 2023

Deputy Governor Dr. Emil Dardak (R) of East Java, Indonesia, exchanging ideas with APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra and Secretariat officers.

Deputy Governor Dr. Emil Dardak of Indonesia’s East Java province made a working visit to the APO Secretariat on 25 August 2023 to exchange ideas to bolster regional productivity. The visit was an opportunity for collaboration on innovative strategies to enhance productivity levels on both the regional and national scales.

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata warmly welcomed Deputy Governor Dr. Dardak, emphasizing the vital synergy between regional and national productivity initiatives for enhanced economic growth and competitiveness. The meeting underlined the pivotal role of regional productivity in complementing and reinforcing national productivity movements.

During the discussions, Deputy Governor Dr. Dardak expressed keen interest in revitalizing East Java’s agricultural sector, a cornerstone of the region’s economy. Recognizing the challenge posed by surplus agricultural labor that hampers productivity, Dr. Dardak proposed comprehensive surveys and research to provide an evidence-based approach to address it. By assessing the current status, the province could chart a strategic course for its agricultural policies and direct its efforts toward sustainable productivity growth, which could also be applied to other primary manufacturing industries in the East Java region.

The outcomes of these research endeavors will not only serve as a roadmap for East Java province but also be shared with other APO members. The evidence-based policy responses derived from the results are anticipated to address declining trends in agricultural productivity, thus fostering a collaborative environment of learning and progress among APO members.

Another key topic of discussion centered around improving the measurement of public-sector performance in delivering services. Deputy Governor Dr. Dardak and Secretary-General Dr. Indra agreed on the possibility of investigating appropriate performance metrics and measurement methodologies to enhance service quality and efficiency. This reflects the shared commitment to optimizing public services to citizens.

Secretary-General Dr. Indra (L) and Deputy Governor Dr. Dardak.

Secretary-General Dr. Indra expressed gratitude to Deputy Governor Dr. Dardak for his proactive engagement and innovative insights. He extended an invitation to continue collaborating closely with the APO Secretariat through the National Productivity Organization under Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower to translate these ideas into tangible results. The collective efforts of the APO and various stakeholders in the country, including local governments, are expected to have a positive impact on productivity enhancement initiatives, contributing to the region’s economic growth and prosperity. The insights gained from this meeting will be reflected in policies, strategies, and cooperative efforts in East Java in particular and Indonesia as a whole, helping the economy to thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

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