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Eco-products Directory 2011

23 Feb 2011

©APO 2011, ISBN: 92-833-7099-6

APO Eco-products Directory 2011 officially launched
A sustainable way of life through green production and green purchasing
February 2011

Each year, in collaboration with the Green Productivity Advisory Committee (GPAC), the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) publishes the Eco-products Directory, a comprehensive listing of environmentally friendly products and services offered by various enterprises within the Asia-Pacific region.

The Eco-products Directory 2011 is the seventh and newest edition and showcases over 800 eco-materials, eco-components, eco-products, and eco-services developed to help minimize impacts on the environment and mitigate the effects of global warming. This directory aims to contribute to more sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond by greening supply chains and promoting the concept of green purchasing.

Subsequent to its official launch at EPIF 2011 in New Delhi, India, on 10 February 2011, the Eco-products Directory 2011 will be distributed to government agencies and environmental organizations in the Asia-Pacific and around the world. The directory will also be available at major environmental exhibitions, conferences, and events held in Asia-Pacific cities throughout the year.

To download the PDF version, please click here.

The CD-ROM and print versions will be available from late March 2011. To receive a copy of either version, please contact the APO Industry Department (epd@apo-tokyo.org). Delivery/shipping fees will be charged.

No part of this work, including the figures, tables and charts, may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means without the prior consent of the APO. For more information, please contact the Administration and Finance Department (apo@apo-tokyo.org).

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