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Evaluation and revision of Malaysia’s Productivity Blueprint

5 Jul 2024

The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) and APO Secretariat have recently embarked on a joint project under the Specific National Program on the revision of the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB). The project entered the implementation stage 20–25 June, when the evaluation of the implementation of Productivity Nexus initiatives under the MPB was carried out in Kuala Lumpur. This collaborative effort assesses the effectiveness of Productivity Nexus initiatives launched in 2017, which have been instrumental in driving sector-specific innovations and productivity enhancement across nine different industries.

The project will engage with key national stakeholders, including the Ministry of Economy; Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry; Department of Statistics Malaysia; Productivity Nexus Secretariat; and various industry representatives, through a series of surveys and discussions. The insights gathered will contribute to the development of a comprehensive productivity roadmap, addressing the challenges and opportunities identified to bolster sector-based and enterprise productivity.

In the seven years since its inception, the MPB has focused on five strategic thrusts: the workforce; digitalization; industry accountability for productivity; robust ecosystems; and strong implementation. Despite the progress made, several challenges such as system thinking, resource management, knowledge and skill gaps, communication barriers, and organizational complexities have been identified. These challenges have impeded the seamless implementation of initiatives, necessitating a thorough evaluation to enhance efficiency.

The objectives are threefold: evaluate project implementation; assess productivity issues, challenges, opportunities, and effectiveness of projects; and develop a productivity roadmap for the Productivity Nexus. The scope includes analyzing productivity trends using national and APO productivity data and conducting case studies on the most and least performed Productivity Nexus items carried out by a team of consultants comprising local and international experts led by Professor Robert Breunig of Australian National University.

This project represents a significant step in achieving Malaysia’s goal of a 3.7% annual productivity growth rate and enhancing citizens’ prosperity. By addressing the challenges head-on and leveraging the expertise of distinguished professionals, the MPC and APO are committed to fostering a robust, productive economy for the future of Malaysia.

The timeline is from April to December 2024, with key milestones including stakeholder engagement, survey development and analysis, and the submission of findings culminating in a final report. The proposed stakeholders’ engagement schedule outlines detailed sessions with MPC management, divisions of the Ministry of Economy, and Productivity Nexus champions, ensuring a comprehensive, inclusive approach to the evaluation.

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