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Financing Energy Conservation for SMEs

11 Apr 2022

Productivity Talk on 14 April 2022

Energy efficiency and management are prominent tools under the APO’s Green Productivity framework to strengthen the triple bottom line of productivity, human resources, and environmental performance. Adopting energy-efficient practices has multifaceted benefits such as conservation of natural resources by reducing energy inputs at source, fewer CO2 emissions for a given output, decreasing energy bills, and enhanced business performance. This cascades into improved energy productivity at national level and climate change mitigation. However, the financial implications are challenging, especially for SMEs, as energy conservation projects mainly rely on technology upgrading to energy-efficient models and retrofitting, which require initial investment.

In this P-Talk session, Dr. Ali M. Syed elaborates on financial tools and mechanisms enterprises could utilize when undertaking energy conservation/energy productivity projects. Case studies and examples of approaches to overcome financial barriers show how to create win-win solutions for all stakeholders.

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