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FTPI organizes workshop on food innovation in Asia

21 Aug 2023

To enable APO members to understand innovations in the food ecosystem to feed their growing populations and provide nutritious, safe food for all, the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) and APO Secretariat conducted an online workshop on Food Innovation, 25–27 July. It was facilitated by six resource persons, one from Cambodia, one from Hong Kong, one from Japan, one from Singapore, and two from Thailand, who shared insights on policies, frameworks, and ecosystems to promote food innovation across Asia. They also shared good practices and discussed food innovation opportunities, challenges, and solutions for APO members. The workshop was attended by 49 participants from 14 member economies, including government officials, policymakers, food industry executives, and academics and consultants involved in developing and introducing food innovations.

Progress in processing technology, biotechnology, genetics, and nutritional science is driving food innovation, enabling the food sector to become more productive in today’s challenging environment. These innovations significantly impact the entire industry, giving rise to novel food variants such as meat analogues, algae-based products, and insect/plant-based proteins, along with functional food tailored to specific nutrients. Charting a course for sustainable food supply strategies in Asia entails the careful integration of present developments and forthcoming trends from a multidimensional vantage point. Nevertheless, developing nations grapple with impediments to innovation-driven transformation, stemming from information and skill gaps, inadequate investments, weak infrastructure, and fragile business systems.

Innovations in food are necessary to feed growing populations and provide nutritious, safe food for all. Contributing to this challenge through innovation is aligned with the Smart Transformation goal of the APO Vision 2025. The online workshop examined case studies of recent and future food innovations to analyze opportunities to support and accelerate them among APO members.

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