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In Memoriam: Yuji Yamada

17 Sep 2021

Former APO Secretariat Staff Member

The APO Secretariat is deeply saddened to report the news of the recent demise of Mr. Yuji Yamada, a distinguished, former long-serving APO Secretariat staff member. Yamada-san was a one-of-a-kind productivity champion who helped lay the groundwork for the establishment of the APO in 1958, formally joining the Secretariat staff in 1961 and retiring in 2003 from his final position as Special Adviser to the Secretary-General.

Yuji Yamada

Yuji Yamada, APO Secretariat Office, 1960s.


With the departure of Yamada-san, the APO lost the last person present at the birth of the organization. In memory of Yamada-san, we are sharing a link capturing reflections of his long service with the APO Secretariat published to mark the 40th anniversary of the organization in 2001.

Farewell, Yamada-san, and thank you sincerely for your many contributions.

APO Secretariat

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