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Innovations in public service delivery

27 Jun 2024

The Korea Productivity Center (KPC) and APO Secretariat organized an online workshop on Innovations in Public Service Delivery, 11–13 June. This workshop aligned with the APO Vision 2025, aiming to enhance digital public service delivery by leveraging IT, the internet, mobile devices, and social media to transform public service management.

Twenty-six participants from 11 APO members joined the workshop, which focused on identifying drivers of innovation in public services; analyzing successful government practices using ICT, regulatory tools, and management models; and case studies based on a common analytical framework of real-world examples. Resource persons, one from Japan and Malaysia, and two from the ROK led discussions on key technologies and trends, customer-based solutions, and the importance of citizen engagement in public-sector innovation.

The workshop included interactive sessions that allowed participants to discuss barriers to innovation in public service delivery and explore solutions based on the knowledge gained. One participant remarked, “The insights and practical strategies shared in this workshop will significantly improve our approach to digital transformation in public services.”

The workshop focused on enhancing public trust and citizen satisfaction, disseminating best practices through case studies, and providing participants with actionable solutions. These outcomes will help APO member economies foster digital, platform-driven public service frameworks, leading to more efficient, effective, and inclusive public services.

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