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Maximizing human capital potential through productivity gainsharing

20 Dec 2022

Productivity gainsharing refers to a dual approach that encourages more participatory engagement of employees and enhances organizational service quality. Designing a gainsharing incentive system is essential for organizations aiming to achieve new business goals and sustain continuous quality improvement in the long run. Originally a productivity tool to enhance organizational performance through the more effective participation of workers, productivity gainsharing frameworks evolved to include different models for human resources management. The effective implementation of productivity gainsharing plans promotes teamwork and creativity, while building a sense of ownership among employees. Human capital potential is therefore maximized, and high performers are retained.

Recognizing the benefits of productivity gainsharing in enhancing organizational performance and quality improvement, the APO Secretariat solely organized a workshop on Service Quality and Productivity Gainsharing, 28–30 November. Thirty-nine participants from 13 APO members attended the workshop conducted by three resource persons from India, Japan, and the UK, who introduced and explained productivity gainsharing frameworks, their pros and cons, and various schemes for implementation. Case studies of productivity gainsharing applications targeting both enhanced service quality for customers and rewards for improved productivity to employees in the private and public sectors were presented. Experience-sharing sessions deepened participants’ understanding of productivity gainsharing implementation schemes.

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