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Measuring productivity in higher education

7 Aug 2017

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is holding a workshop on Productivity Measurement in the Higher Education Sector in Yogyakarta, 7–10 August 2017, in association with the Directorate of Productivity Development (NPO Indonesia) under the Directorate General of Training and Productivity, Ministry of Manpower.


The four-day workshop will discuss current methods and frameworks for productivity measurement in higher education in member countries and the impact of advanced technology and social networks on the sector. Another objective is familiarizing participants with measurement tools and techniques based on the APO productivity metrics in higher education. The suitability of those productivity measurement techniques to systems of higher education in the Asia-Pacific will also be assessed.

With institutions of higher learning facing more diverse demands by stakeholders for training relevant to current and future industries and markets, the workshop will give the 25 participants from 14 member countries opportunities to discuss potential demonstration projects for improving the productivity of higher education in consultation with NPOs.

The workshop is led by international APO-assigned experts Professor Emeritus William F. Massy of Stanford University and Professor Hamish Coates of the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education. Professor Coates also served as chief expert for the APO publication Productivity in Higher Education: Research Insights for Universities and Governments in Asia to be released in late August.

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