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MPO and NPEDC strengthen collaborative partnership

1 Sep 2023

Kalyan Ghimire, NPO Head of Nepal (L), and Batbileg Tsagaan representing NPO Head of Mongolia.

The Mongolian Productivity Organization (MPO) and the National Productivity and Economic Development Centre (NPEDC) of Nepal solidified their commitment to enhancing cooperation and advancing joint initiatives through the signing of an MOU. The signing ceremony took place in Ulaanbaatar on 10 August 2023, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward increased productivity and economic growth.

The MOU establishes a framework for the partnership between the MPO and NPEDC, with a specific focus on promoting and implementing collaborative projects fostering productivity and economic development. The agreement highlights a series of key collaboration areas and initiatives aimed at mutual growth and knowledge exchanges between the two organizations. Some of the pivotal collaborations outlined in the MOU include productivity concept dissemination, knowledge exchanges, and industry and service-sector enhancement. Another significant aspect of the MOU is that its scope encompasses energy efficiency (EE) collaboration. The partnership will facilitate the development of a joint action plan and mechanisms for implementing EE programs, enabling information exchanges, best practices, benchmarking, and transfers of expertise in energy conservation for enterprises and industries.

This collaboration is a direct result of the Bilateral Cooperation between NPOs project on Productivity Enhancement for SMEs and Organizational Best Practices of Productivity-promoting Institutions held 6–10 August. It underscores the commitment of the MPO and NPEDC to contribute to economic progress and innovation through cooperation. As they embark on this journey, the MPO and NPEDC reaffirmed their dedication to mutual growth, knowledge sharing, and sustainable development, positioning themselves as leaders in productivity enhancement and economic growth.

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