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NPO Bangladesh organizes TES project on Industry 4.0

22 Jan 2024

With digital technologies transforming global business operations, a comprehensive grasp of Industry 4.0 is essential for driving national economic growth. The lack of skilled labor and technical expertise can also impede the adoption of the advanced technologies required for Industry 4.0. Addressing this need in Bangladesh, the National Productivity Organisation (NPO) organized an in-country Technical Expert Service (TES) project on Training on Industry 4.0 in Dhaka, 19–23 November. Twenty-five participants from various NPO departments attended the sessions, facilitated by two resource persons from India. They shared insights into crucial components of Industry 4.0, incorporating case studies and success stories from India and around the world.

Industry 4.0, fueled by cutting-edge technologies such as AI, the IoT, robotics, cyberphysical systems, and cloud computing, is reshaping manufacturing, and enhancing efficiency, productivity, and profits. The Government of Bangladesh has taken several initiatives to promote Industry 4.0, including setting up the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). Additionally, the launch of the Digital Bangladesh Program and the E-government Master Plan reflects the government’s commitment, although challenges persist, particularly in terms of limited knowledge and awareness.

The face-to-face TES project provided an overview of Industry 4.0 and its key enabling technologies. Participants gained insights into data gathering, data analytics, predictive maintenance, and the imperatives of cybersecurity in Industry 4.0. The sessions also covered topics such as smart manufacturing and supply chains, sustainable manufacturing and green technologies, change management, skill development, future trends, and the development of an Industry 4.0 roadmap.

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