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NPS Sri Lanka completes stage 1 of DMP project on productivity improvement in manufacturing SMEs

1 Apr 2024

Recognizing the pivotal role of SMEs in driving Sri Lanka’s economic growth, the National Productivity Secretariat (NPS) organized an In-country Development of Demonstration Companies (DMP) project on Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing SMEs. Online sessions with three demonstration companies were held on 22 and 25 January and 1 March, with face-to-face sessions 12–18 February, facilitated by a resource person from Japan and the NPS.

The sessions completed stage 1 of the DMP project for Jak Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Kiyota Coffee Company Pvt. Ltd., and Roo Prabha Pvt. Ltd. The kick-off and coordination meetings conducted online enabled the three companies to assess and analyze problems in their factories and explore opportunities for implementing productivity enhancement tools and techniques such as 5S and kaizen. These methodologies can streamline production processes and elevate product quality, thus fostering resilience and sustainability within the SME ecosystem.

Subsequent workshops held on the premises of the demonstration companies focused on problem assessment and formulation of improvement strategies. Progress was monitored through follow-up online sessions, where companies presented their action plans and activity status. The ultimate goal of the project is to empower SMEs to disseminate this knowledge and experience to other SMEs nationwide, catalyzing widespread improvement in productivity and quality standards among SMEs in Sri Lanka. Given that the country boasts a vibrant SME sector comprising 75% of active enterprises, the DMP seeks to strengthen this sector by raising productivity and quality within manufacturing SMEs.

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