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15 Jan 2009

Productivity Measurement and the New Architecture of US National Accounts

The APO, in partnership with Keio Economic Observatory (KEO) of Keio University, organized a Productivity Special [Read More]

19 Dec 2008

To promote and provide technical details on the upcoming Eco-products International Fair (EPIF) 2009, a briefing session for confirmed and potential exhibitors was held at the [Read More]

11 Nov 2008

Contributed by Factory Manager Eric Maurice Huber, Boncafe International Pte Ltd., Singapore

I take this opportunity to thank the APO for the exhilarating and interesting training [Read More]

11 Nov 2008

This is the full text of an article originally published in The Indian Express, the Indian daily newspaper, on November 20, 2008, written by reporter [Read More]

24 Oct 2008

In an effort to promote the APO and its Green Productivity (GP) activities, an eco-friendly approach to achieving a sustainable productivity movement, the APO took part [Read More]

2 Oct 2008

The APO participated in the annual Global Festa held in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park to celebrate and publicize Japan’s international cooperation efforts. Approximately 96,000 people from all [Read More]

19 Sep 2008

As part of the APO’s support for National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) productivity promotion activities, we are pleased to deliver information on the conference detailed below, in [Read More]

7 Aug 2008

The APO Liaison Officers’ Meeting, held at the Secretariat in Tokyo, 27−29 August 2008, brought together 22 liaison officers and senior project coordinators from 18 member [Read More]

3 Jul 2008

The Productivity Newspaper, published by the Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development (JPC-SED) on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month, carried an editorial [Read More]

19 Jun 2008

Contributed by Ms. W.A.H. Champa, Research Officer, Institute of Postharvest Technology, Research and Development Center, Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, gains in yields are often offset [Read More]

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