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1 Jun 2008

The APO Secretariat received a special visit from the students of Hitotsubashi University on the afternoon of 26 May. It was arranged after one student heard [Read More]

18 May 2008

Contributed by Deputy Director of Industries Engineering Eng. Martin M. Nzomo, Productivity Centre of Kenya

The Advanced Training Course for Productivity Practitioners (ACPP) took place in [Read More]

6 May 2008

The Netherlands, famed for its prize tulips, is the world’s third-largest exporter of agriculture products and a leader in high-tech market gardening, dairy farming, and modern [Read More]

19 Mar 2008

APO projects provide participants with more than merely opportunities for sharing and exchanging professional knowledge and experience in specific areas, they also allow participants to extend [Read More]

19 Mar 2008

Contributed by Managing Director Siri Sayavong, LTM Group, Lao Trademark Agency, Lao PDR

The workshop on SME Development in the Mekong Region held in Japan, 19–22 [Read More]

9 Mar 2008

In July 2007, the APO Secretariat launched the project Making the APO a Carbon-neutral Organization. Its first effort was to offset the greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted [Read More]

6 Mar 2008

1–4 March 2008, Hanoi, Vietnam

Eco-products International Fair 2008

The four-day Eco-products International Fair (EPIF) 2008 got underway to the cheerful rhythm of traditional Vietnamese drums [Read More]

7 Feb 2008

In an effort to expand its network of contacts with international organizations, national agencies, and institutions in countries outside its membership, the APO undertakes numerous international [Read More]

2 Feb 2008

The APO News quiz contest in the December 2007 issue received 76 entries including 50 with 100% correct answers (please see below for answers). The prizewinners [Read More]

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