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President of ERIA visits APO Secretariat

14 Feb 2024

Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata (L) and ERIA President Professor Tetsuya Watanabe at the APO Secretariat.

Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata received President Professor Tetsuya Watanabe of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) on 13 February in Tokyo. Secretary-General Dr. Indra warmly welcomed and thanked Professor Watanabe for visiting the Secretariat.

During the meeting, Professor Watanabe shared insights into ERIA’s history and its range of activities. In response, Dr. Indra showcased the APO’s programs and recent engagements with high-level officials from member economies. Their discussions also covered recent initiatives of both organizations and potential areas for collaboration. The two leaders recognized the synergy between the APO and ERIA, particularly in leveraging each other’s networks and expertise to enhance productivity and economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Professor Watanabe and Secretary-General Dr. Indra agreed to remain in close communication so that their synergies could lead to collaborations that bolster productivity and economic progress in the Asia-Pacific.

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