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Responsible consumption to address energy challenges

15 Feb 2022

The APO promotes Green Productivity, adoption of energy-efficient technologies, and energy management and conservation for productivity enhancement and energy saving. Energy is a main contributor to economic progress and national development. Globally, nonrenewable sources like coal, oil, and natural gas are the major sources of primary energy. Due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, there has been an exponential rise in overall energy consumption. Industry, as the backbone of the economy, is one of the major consumers of primary energy.

A training course on Energy Audits and Management was organized by the APO and National Productivity Council, India, 20–24 December 2021, attended by 51 participants from 13 APO members. The virtual course was conducted by two local resource persons and two international ones from Canada and South Africa who delivered presentations on topics related to energy efficiency, conservation, and management.

The course provided insights on bridging the gap between theoretical know-how and practical ways to address energy challenges. The objectives were understanding the global energy scenario, emphasizing the need to conserve energy, learning about the operating principles and performance approaches to energy-consuming utilities, and sharing best operating practices for energy conservation.

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