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Strategic reflections at APO Secretariat townhall meeting

16 Apr 2024

On 15 April, Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata convened a townhall meeting with APO Secretariat staff for an informal exchange of ideas. The agenda was packed with updates on major initiatives such as the signing of a letter of intent  with BAPPENAS, Republic of Indonesia, advances in the APO-AB Council Members’ Meeting focused on mutual recognition arrangements, preparation of the GP Advisory Council Meeting’s comprehensive GP 2.0 roadmap for the approval of the Governing Body, discussions of the Task Force on the Membership Contribution Formula, and ongoing deliberations on the APO Vision 2025 monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework. Secretary-General Dr. Indra delivered detailed updates to ensure that all staff members understood the progress and envisioned future directions.

Emphasizing the informal nature of the meeting, the Secretary-General encouraged a casual atmosphere where staff from various levels actively shared insights and expressed interest in ongoing M&E processes. This open dialogue encouraged discussions about enhancing the effectiveness of strategies post-Vision 2025, reflecting a collaborative spirit aimed at refining future contributions to regional prosperity and sustainability.

The active participation and contributions from Secretariat staff reflected their involvement in the success of APO initiatives, transforming the townhall meeting from a simple platform for top-down communication into a dynamic forum for collective visioning and shared commitment to advancing organizational goals.

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