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Training agile, resilient public-sector productivity specialists in the new normal

2 Aug 2023

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in collaboration with the APO Secretariat conducted an online training course on Development of Public-sector Productivity Specialists, 10–14 July. The course aimed to improve public-sector productivity and efficiency by developing the necessary skillsets to optimize resources and satisfy citizens’ needs under the new normal. The training is a critical foundation for the APO Public-sector Productivity Framework, aimed at strengthening public-sector capacity.

Attended by 40 participants from 11 APO members, the course was facilitated by four resource persons, one from Canada, one from the ROK, and two from the Philippines. The content focused on equipping public-sector officials with the skills to support new productivity initiatives in response to dynamic changes in the postpandemic era. Topics covered included the role of the public sector and global trends in improving productivity, citizen-centered service, performance management, public-sector leadership, development of productivity improvement plans, and competency assessment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the way public-sector organizations operate to deliver services. The development of human resources capabilities is crucial in supporting organizations and governments in their resilience and adaptability during uncertain times. The APO’s role in promoting public-sector productivity and exploring innovative methods and techniques to optimize growth and resources is essential in ensuring that government agencies remain agile and effective in our rapidly evolving world.

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