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Training Course on Blockchain Application

16 Apr 2024

The National Productivity Council (NPC), India, in collaboration with the APO Secretariat, organized an online training course on Blockchain Application, 2–5 April. Twenty-nine participants from 13 APO members, including government officials, consultants, trainers from NPOs, business leaders, and representatives of industrial associations and enterprises, explored the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Facilitated by four resource persons, one from the USA and Japan, two from India, the course aimed to enhance productivity by harnessing the power of blockchain innovations.

The training course provided a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and its myriad applications. Foundational concepts such as blockchain anatomy and cryptographic hashing were elucidated, along with discussions on overcoming scalability challenges. Specific applications in finance, authentication, and the public sector were explored, emphasizing the benefits of decentralization and transparency. The significance of external motivations for sustaining blockchain ecosystems was underscored. Overall, the training delivered invaluable insights into the adaptability of blockchains and their potential to revolutionize various sectors, contributing to enhanced productivity and economic growth.

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