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Unleashing the power of data for productivity

3 Oct 2022

Digitization is usually the first step in smart manufacturing for the purpose of acquiring data and information to understand, monitor, and improve the processes of value creation. Data analytics involve the collection, organization, analysis, and visualization of data, which enable organizations and individuals to observe patterns, understand situations, make predictions, and drive informed decision-making. With timely information gathered by sensors and communicated through the IoT, data analytics provide real-time visibility of every aspect of operations and performance.

To impart fundamental knowledge of data science, related technologies, and their implications for business operations and smart manufacturing, the APO joined forces with the CPC in organizing a virtual training course on Data Analysis for Smart Manufacturing from 13 to 16 September to build the capabilities of its members in leveraging the power of data for digital upgrading. With resource persons from the ROC, the Netherlands, and the Philippines, 45 participants representing 13 APO members discussed the trends in data science and technologies and their applications in business. Through hands-on exercises on data thinking, collection, processing, and visualization, the participants also learned to use data analytics tools to analyze business issues and performances and make data-driven decisions.

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