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Vietnam hosts two-week training course on Green Productivity

4 Dec 2023

There is a growing need to explore strategies that enhance productivity and reduce carbon emissions in business processes. The APO Green Productivity (GP) framework is a pathway to decouple industrial growth from environmental degradation. To strengthen the triple bottom lines of enterprises, Vietnam’s Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality conducted a training course on Green Productivity, 30 October 2023–10 November.

Industrialization serves as a pathway for economic development, generating employment, boosting exports, and elevating living standards. The APO introduced the GP concept to ensure that gains in productivity, quality, and profitability also contribute to improved social well-being and environmental protection. To develop a pool of accredited GP experts within member economies, the APO developed the APO-GPS 201: Certification Scheme and Competency Standards for GP Specialists, a prerequisite for candidates to become certified GP Specialists.

The face-to-face training course in Da Nang, Vietnam, was attended by 24 participants from 16 APO members. Led by four resource persons, one each from Malaysia and Singapore and two from Vietnam, the course focused on existing industrialization models, pathways for sustainable development, and successful case studies from Vietnam. Attendees gained insights into GP in the context of the circular economy and explored methodologies, trends, and practical applications. The course covered material flow cost accounting, management systems, group work, and APO-GPS 201 certification standards, empowering participants to address challenges faced by industries in meeting local regulations while ensuring profitability, quality, and efficient resource utilization.

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