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11 Dec 2017

Food loss and waste not only have global socioeconomic and environmental consequences, they also have negative impacts on farmers’ and traders’ incomes and the volume of [Read More]

6 Dec 2017

Scientific advances, technological changes, and innovative value creation are important drivers of productivity and economic growth. Effective science, technology, and innovation (STI) systems can absorb technical [Read More]

5 Dec 2017

Labor-management relations refer to the system in which employers, workers, their representatives, and, directly or indirectly, the government interact to set the ground rules for the [Read More]

29 Nov 2017

Foodborne illnesses presented a major challenge to populations and productivity levels, and there was an urgent need to put in place sound food safety management (FSM) [Read More]

27 Nov 2017

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, intense worldwide competition to gain market access and rapid changes in the business environment are forcing enterprises to [Read More]

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