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27 May 2019

Agriculture is one of the most climate-vulnerable sectors in any economy. Climate change, including higher temperatures, erratic precipitation, uncertain seasons, and increased intensity and frequency of [Read More]

24 May 2019

A food value chain (FVC) is a series of connected activities to create and build value at every stage from agricultural production, manufacturing, processing, marketing, and [Read More]

16 May 2019

With more than half of the world population living in the Asia-Pacific and spurred by factors such as rising incomes and spending power, greater awareness of [Read More]

18 Apr 2019

“For the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) to continue to flourish as a dynamic organization in a future dominated by artificial intelligence, we must take a holistic [Read More]

11 Apr 2019

With the Asia-Pacific region fast becoming the world economy’s center, Asian Productivity Organization (APO) member economies can reap dividends through reliance on productivity-driven growth strategies, stated [Read More]

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