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19 Nov 2019

Transformative potential of SA/SF

Smart agriculture/smart farming (SA/SF), two terms used interchangeably, makes operations easier and more convenient, especially for the youth, elderly, and women. SA minimizes natural resource degradation [Read More]

14 Nov 2019

Assessment of smart manufacturing needs

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and China Productivity Center (CPC) organized a coordination meeting for the research project on Assessment of Smart Manufacturing and Needs of [Read More]

30 Oct 2019

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) released the APO Productivity Databook 2019, an annual analytical report on recent and long-term productivity and economic performance in the Asia-Pacific. [Read More]

21 Oct 2019

Regulatory policies emphasizing deregulation, privatization, re-regulation, and the creation of independent oversight agencies are viewed as critical by many governments. However, regulatory effectiveness must be evaluated [Read More]

11 Oct 2019

The availability of accessible, affordable rural resources allows many villages in the Asia-Pacific to continue long cultural and regional craft histories utilizing household labor. Handicraft production [Read More]

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