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9 Dec 2021

workshop on Evaluating Regulatory Quality and Performance

Regulation plays a crucial role in society. Effective regulation alleviates societal risks and corrects market failures, leading to better productivity and growth. However, poorly designed, feebly [Read More]

7 Dec 2021

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on A Quality Workforce as a Key Productivity Enabler on 10 December 2021

This Awardee Special Top Talk highlights human resources (HR) competencies; and challenges, opportunities, and strategies to enhance workforce productivity. Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman, Director [Read More]

6 Dec 2021

Virtual study mission on Support for Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digitalization of businesses continues to be a major strategy for companies to raise productivity and for countries to improve the competitiveness of their industries. According to [Read More]

3 Dec 2021

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on Productive Stakeholder Engagement on 7 December 2021

This P-Talk highlights how a stakeholder strategy plan can guide organizational interactions, communications, and involvement with identified stakeholders. A stakeholder strategy provides approaches for building and [Read More]

2 Dec 2021

The APO Presents a Productivity Talk on Productivity: Recovery and Regrowth on 9 December 2021

This P-Talk highlights the importance of productivity to recover from the economic crisis in developing countries after deep economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. [Read More]

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