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22 Nov 2021

Inclusive engagement and shared prosperity are common goals among APO member countries. However, poverty among small farmers remains a common problem in the Asia-Pacific, and mutual [Read More]

19 Nov 2021

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on STEM and the Future Workforce on 25 November 2021

This P-Talk highlights the role of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in enhancing the productivity of the workforce of the future. Dr. Sawang discusses [Read More]

18 Nov 2021


According to recent analysis conducted by Reports and Data, USA, the global service industry market is expected to grow from USD2.8 billion in 2019 to [Read More]

17 Nov 2021

The APO Presents Top Talk on Productivity-led World-class Organizations on 23 November 2021

This Top Talk provides insights on how to become a world-class organization and how productivity drives the development and success of an organization. APO Regional Awardee [Read More]

16 Nov 2021

Since 2018, the APO Special Program for Capacity Building of Sustainable Food Value Chains for Enhanced Food Safety and Quality in Asian Countries has focused on [Read More]

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