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22 Dec 2023

The adoption of technologies is paramount for enterprises seeking a competitive advantage. Blockchain technologies have broad applications across various industries, based on key features such as [Read More]

22 Dec 2023

Governments worldwide are embracing reforms to optimize resource utilization, enhance accountability, and increase transparency. Technological advances, while instrumental in improving public service delivery, highlight the necessity [Read More]

19 Dec 2023

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra (5th L) with Minister Huynh Thanh Dat (Center), Deputy Minister Le Xuan Dinh (3rd R), Ministry of Science and Technology, APO Director [Read More]

14 Dec 2023

Community-based sustainable agriculture (CBSA) is gaining recognition for its focus on sustainable farming and crucial role of local community involvement in planning, implementation, and management. This [Read More]

14 Dec 2023

Tourism 4.0 is an innovative approach that integrates digital advances with sustainability principles. Key features of this new paradigm include the use of smart systems for [Read More]

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