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31 Oct 2023

Conventional ways of producing and consuming adversely impact the environment. Innovation is essential for transitioning to greener industry and achieving national targets and goals for a [Read More]

30 Oct 2023

Behavioral insights (BIs) are crucial for designing effective regulations, improving compliance rates, engaging stakeholders, and evaluating interventions. By incorporating BIs into regulatory management, organizations can enhance [Read More]

30 Oct 2023

True cost accounting (TCA) in organic agriculture comprehensively assesses the costs and benefits of organic farming practices. It is often argued that organic agriculture yields are [Read More]

30 Oct 2023

Green manufacturing (GM) improves competitiveness and sustainability by reducing resource use and associated adverse environmental and social impacts. GM is aligned with the APO’s Green Productivity [Read More]

25 Oct 2023

The NPO Bangladesh and APO Secretariat organized an In-country Development of Demonstration Companies (DMP) project on Application of Lean Management (LM) Systems in the Chemical Industry [Read More]

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