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17 Oct 2023

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria have emerged as key benchmarks to reflect an organization’s commitment to sustainability and societal responsibility. Organizations that incorporate ESG values [Read More]

5 Oct 2023

Productivity specialists are certified by Certification Bodies (CBs), which in turn are certified by the APO Accreditation Program. CBs require qualified assessors who can carry out [Read More]

5 Oct 2023

To improve productivity and enhance skills and techniques for increased service quality and productivity in the retail sector, the China Productivity Center (CPC) organized a face-to-face [Read More]

25 Sep 2023

Transferring knowledge and technologies to farmers plays a pivotal role in continuously improving productivity, increasing yields, and enhancing overall output quality. The Agricultural Knowledge and Information [Read More]

19 Sep 2023

The Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI) and APO Secretariat organized a face-to-face project on Benchmarking the Best Practices of a Successful Certification Body from Pakistan to [Read More]

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