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Conference on Building an Ecosystem for Innovative Entrepreneurship

Innovation is regarded as a major determinant of long-term economic growth and productivity improvement. Besides the R&D efforts of corporations and research and educational institutes, innovation driven
by entrepreneurs and startups is considered closer to market demand and customer needs and thus crucial for technological and economic development.

The benefits of innovation and entrepreneurship are often accompanied by uncertainty and risks, requiring a supportive environment with collaborative stakeholders. Developing an enabling ecosystem to mobilize resources is thus essential for encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

With a fast-growing population and rising consumer demand, the Asia-Pacific region is evolving from a manufacturing base for the world into a new powerhouse for developing innovative products, solutions, and business models. This conference aims to provide references and identify strategies for fostering sustainable ecosystems to nurture entrepreneurs and spur innovation.

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Date 17 May 2023
Organizer Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vietnam and APO Secretariat
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