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Conference on Green Productivity and the Circular Economy

Most regions have yet to reap the benefits of economic growth resulting from industrialization. However, the negative implications of the existing industrial “linear” model, which does not consider environmental aspects in the product design stage, are clear.

To negate the adverse impacts and keep the increase in the average global temperature within 1.5°C, the 2022 Glasgow Climate Pact and 2015 Paris Agreement led to the UN SDGs and net-zero emission targets. Meeting the SDGs requires adoption of GP and CE tools and techniques by industry and end-users.

In 2022, the APO publication Green Productivity and Circular Economy: Complementary Approaches to Sustainable Development cited the SDGs for countries and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks for corporations as two of the most recognized environmental initiatives, with workforce training and technology adoption as crucial needs. This conference aims to build capacity in APO members in implementing GP and CE concepts.

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Date 26 September 2023
Organizer Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vietnam and APO Secretariat
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