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Development of Productivity Practitioners among the Youth

The APO Vision 2025 emphasizes inclusiveness in the productivity movement. Considering the large populations of young people in APO members, enhancing their awareness and knowledge of productivity enhancement is essential. With job markets becoming more competitive, productivity knowledge and skills will give them a competitive edge.

The Development of Productivity Practitioners is an APO flagship program to produce cadres of productivity experts in member economies. The program, which provides the knowledge and skills to develop productivity consultants and trainers, has focused on individuals already working in industry or professionals from National Productivity Organizations (NPOs). It is now crucial to expand that focus. Providing opportunities to the youth or young professionals to embrace and spread the productivity culture will help NPOs in promoting national movements, as talented young people are expected to lead their organizations in the future.

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Date 30 May 2023 -
02 June 2023
Organizer National Productivity Centre of Cambodia and APO Secretariat
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