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Development of Productivity Specialists

The Development of Productivity Specialists course is an APO flagship program. It provides opportunities for NPO professionals to learn about and share know-how and best practices in productivity improvement techniques and methods, as well exchange knowledge and experience.

The APO established the Accreditation Body Program to develop NPOs as certification bodies (CBs) of productivity specialist-related schemes. The NPOs of Malaysia, Mongolia, and Vietnam have been accredited, while the National Productivity Council, India, NPO of I.R. Iran, NPO of Pakistan, National Productivity Secretariat of Sri Lanka, and Turkish Management Sciences Institute (TUSSIDE), a partner of the NPO of Turkiye, are in various stages of CB development.

This course is a prerequisite for participants to qualify for certification by any APO-accredited CB in member countries.

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Date 27 March 2023 -
31 March 2023
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