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Executive Leadership Programs for NPOs

A 2021 McKinsey Global Institute report suggested that productivity could double postpandemic if changes extend from large firms to SMEs, contingent on robust aggregate demand. However, concerns about rising inequality and unemployment may jeopardize productivity gains. The Asia-Pacific faces postpandemic productivity challenges despite resilience in crisis management. Strengths in digitalization, innovation, and regional cooperation contrast with issues like aging populations, environmental degradation, social polarization, and geopolitical tensions.

Leaders of institutions like NPOs are crucial in shaping productivity policies. The APO recognizes the need to equip these leaders with skills to navigate challenges and expose them to the latest tools for guiding national productivity movements. In collaboration with INSEAD, this program will enhance strategic thinking and decision-making skills to address evolving challenges in productivity policy and promotion in member economies.

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Date 29 April 2024 -
03 May 2024
Organizer APO Secretariat
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